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Have you ever said to yourself, "I know I'm capable of achieving so much more"? Have you ever considered changing careers, leaving a dead-end job or even starting your own business but instead, you allowed fear or self-doubt to keep you from taking the action steps necessary to move you toward a more compelling future? If the answer to any of these questions is YES, you're not alone! 20 years ago, I was standing in your shoes. I was frustrated, burned out and feeling like I had sold out on my dreams and ambitions. I knew it was time to get out of my head and make a Pivot From My Heart!



The 4 step, Pivot From Your Heart process is a true game changer!  If you're ready to reinvent your career or start a new business and you're 100 % committed to going after what it is you truly desire, I want to be the first person to welcome you to the Pivot From Your Heart course! 

                   "The best wager we will ever make is the bet we place on ourselves"

                                                                       John Page Burton

Over the course of two, 2 hour sessions, you will learn concepts, strategies and skills that when implemented, can help you move your career or business in a brand new, purpose driven direction!  

The next 2 session, Pivot From Your Heart course takes place on Wednesday, June 14th and Wednesday, June 21st. Pivot  From Your Heart is facilitated LIVE via Zoom and each session runs from 6 PM to 8:00 PM PST. 


                                          ***Both sessions feature a live Q & A.

      Moving Forward With Passion And Purpose!

Week #1

Part 1 is your introduction to the Pivot From Your Heart 4-step process that will move you in a direction that is truly congruent with your passion and purpose!  We will take a deep dive into the mindset, beliefs and core values necessary for a successful career reinvention.  

Part 2 is focused on creating a clear and compelling VISION of your future career or venture. We will take an in depth look at where you are today and determine where you desire to be at 4 future points in time. You will go through specific exercises designed to help you gain clarity and fully connect with your WHY. Remember, ALL success begins with a clear and compelling vision!


Part 3 is focused on INTENTION. You will be introduced to specific strategies for attracting the right people and resources to help you move your vision forward! You will learn how to crush thoughts of scarcity and reprogram your thinking to consistently attract abundance into your career or business. Learn the 4 S.T.A.R. goal setting formula that can help you increase your goal achievement by as much as 80%! Remember, the Universe is working for YOU!

Week #2

Part 4 is focused on making KEY DECISIONS. This is where we will lock it in! You will learn the 5 principles of effective decision making. We will identify the two types of decisions you must avoid at all costs. We will take an in-depth look at three key areas where your decisions will have the biggest impact on your career or venture. Remember, our decisions determine our success in life and business!


Part 5 is your call to ACTION. Without taking uncomfortable ACTION, nothing of significance is ever accomplished! You will be introduced to 5 action steps that can propel your career or venture in a whole new direction. Learn a powerful, proven strategy for overcoming FEAR the moment it surfaces. Finally, you will learn the #1 secret for accelerated growth. Remember, action is the fuel of dreams!

Part 6 brings it all together! We will help you finalize your Pivot From Your Heart game plan and celebrate the launch of your career reinvention! 

***Each course participant will receive a comprehensive, follow along workbook with all of the course exercises as well as a copy of John's book, Wisdom Through Failure, Guiding Principles For Life And Business.

Your investment in the Pivot From Your Heart course is $149.00

I'm ready to step into my compelling future! Sign me up TODAY!

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